Bear Thoughts

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How much of my bearness is up to me? (Published April 26, 2019)

I am always at least a little scared. (Published March 8, 2019)

My fur and its various states of softness. (Published February 22, 2019)

Letting others get to know me. (Published January 22, 2018)

A startled rat shattered my reflection. (Published January 15, 2018)

Thinking of the -ness of others. (Published January 8, 2018)

A new day in the forest everyone no matter what forever. (Published January 1, 2018)

Did I find the raccoon or did the raccoon find me? (Published December 25, 2017)

My donations to the forest. (Published December 18, 2017).

I hope nothing scared you today. (Published December 11, 2017)

The magical fox who was not a fox but was actually plastic. (Published December 4, 2017)

I do not have the confidence of a bird, but I like to sing. (Published November 27, 2017)

I destroyed some very good leaves. (Published November 20, 2017)

I do not know where to go. (Published November 13, 2017)

I hope you get to feel okay. (Published November 6, 2017)

If bearness ends up being pointless, I guess I will keep being a bear. (Published October 30, 2017)

I hope it is okay I do not know how to be a perfect bear. (Published October 23, 2017)

I cannot help but to stay in the forest. (Published October 16, 2017)

What if I cannot continue to be a better bear? (Published October 9, 2017)

Why are you not impressed, shouting human? (Published September 25, 2017)

A brief list of things that have made me happy recently. (Published September 18, 2017)

What is going on with the tops of trees? (Published September 11, 2017)

A bird dropped a stick on me. Why? (Published September 4, 2017)

Every place is scary or too mean. (Published August 28, 2017)

I fell into a hole I dug. (Published August 21, 2017)

Sing me your song, dumpster-bird. (Published August 14, 2017)

The bear I might become. (Published August 7, 2017)

Not all birds are nice. (Published July 24, 2017)

Bread dread. (Published July 17, 2017)

How to feel safe in the forest. (Published July 10, 2017)

I made some new sounds? (Published July 3, 2017)

Spiky dumpster fruit. (Published June 26, 2017)

The human lake. (Published June 19, 2017)

I think I have been here before. (Published June 12, 2017)

A list of things that I at first thought were against me but were not, which I only realized after further consideration. (Published June 5, 2017)

Many things go. (Published May 29, 2017)

Maybe I should be more mindful of my surroundings. (Published May 22, 2017)

Am I supposed to get better at being a bear? (Published May 15, 2017)

An abbreviated list of things that frightened me today. (Published May 8, 2017)

I do not know where my thoughts go when I am done thinking them. (Published May 1, 2017)

How many suns and moons do we get? (Published April 24, 2017)

When does the forest end? (Published April 17, 2017)

How I handled a bee I saw after it saw me: a series of mistakes that led to a strange triumph. (Published April 10, 2017)

A moon bear to replace me while I sleep. (Published April 3, 2017)

Things usually do not match what is in mind. (Published March 27, 2017)

The angry ice. (Published March 20, 2017)

It can be hard to learn from the forest. (Published March 13, 2017)

Bear instructions. (Published March 6, 2017)

I am just upset because I lost a very good stick today. (Published February 27, 2017)

I might look like something else from up there. (Published February 20, 2017)

The pros and cons of mud: why do birds think it is okay to laugh at me? (Published February 6, 2017)

An open letter to the deer across the river. (Published January 30, 2017)

What if I am the last bear? (Published January 23, 2017)

I hope my ears look nice today. (Published January 16, 2017)

Here is a list of things I found (and maybe just thought I found?) while digging in the snow. (Published January 9, 2017)

I fell down a hill. (Published January 2, 2017)

To stay warm, use the warmth of others. (Published December 26, 2016)

I ate some colorful, sharp berries. (Published December 19, 2016)

Here are some things I had time to consider as I fell from a tree I climbed. (Published December 12, 2016)


I saw a dirt-covered seagull. (Published December 5, 2016)

I think I might be lost. (Published November 28, 2016)

When rubbing your belly on something soft does not work. (Published November 14, 2016)

I would like to change colors, too, you know. (Published November 7, 2016)

I smashed the scary pumpkins because they probably had ghosts in them. (Published October 31, 2016)

The acorns were not mine. (Published October 24, 2016)

Special dumpster days. (Published October 17, 2016)

Many trees fell. (Published October 10, 2016)

Something happened to the eggs I found. (Published October 3, 2016)

Something yelled at me today. (Published September 26, 2016)

Things possibly related to something probably very important that I might have forgotten or maybe not. (Published September 19, 2016)

How to tell if you are a ghost and what you can do about it if you are. (Published September 12, 2016)

Sky tantrum. (Published September 5, 2016)

How to find, approach, and handle human caves. (Published August 29, 2016)

Birds and their shadows and the tricks they play. (Published August 22, 2016)

The deer across the river pushed me into the river. (Published August 15, 2016)

I am afraid of being eaten and so should you. (Published August 1, 2016)

Product Review: A thing I found in the dumpster near the fence with the hole in it that I fit in. (Published July 25, 2016)

Here are some things I collected today. (Published July 18, 2016)

The bat I met might want to be friends. (Published July 11, 2016)

I am very proud of my stick structure. (Published July 4, 2016)

Ants probably crawled in my nose, and I do not know why I let that happened. (Published June 27, 2016)

Why waiting? (Published June 20, 2016)

I do not want to feel helpless. (Published June 13, 2016)

Waiting (2)

I do not know what turtles are doing. (Published June 6, 2016)

I hope I have useful skills for forest living. (Published May 30, 2016)

I get lost in the forest. (Published May 23, 2016)

It would be nice to be fed. (Published May 16, 2016)

Everything hurts and feels terrible and I do not like it. (Published May 9, 2016)

What do you do when the water from above will not let you do anything? (Published May 2, 2016)

Naps do not always make me feel as good as I want them to make me feel. (Published April 25, 2016)

Please do not tell me if I am not a bear. (Published April 18, 2016)

This place is strange. (Published April 11, 2016)

I found a milk jug. Now what? (Published April 4, 2016)

What are the best things in the forest? (Published March 28, 2016)

What is the long, flat black rock and why is it scary? (Published March 21, 2015)

Some thing smell worse than other things (deer). (Published March 14, 2015)

A lizard slept in my mouth again. (Published March 7, 2016)

It would be nice to be recognized for my bearness. (Published February 29, 2016)

I had no say in how many legs I would get when I was born. (Published February 22, 2016)

Here is a list of things you can do in the snow. (Published February 15, 2016)

Bowie lizard (2)

Do I think about being a bear too much? (Published February 8, 2016)

How to approach a human: an important guide by a bear. (Published February 1, 2016)

Birds as hats: a failed experiment. (Published January 25, 2016)

I got stuck in a hollow log for awhile. (Published January 18, 2016)

The immortal space lizard I never knew but really missed when he was gone. (Published January 11, 2016)

Do trees care about me? (Published January 4, 2016)

The dumpster next to the broken fences I found: a food experience critique. (Published December 28, 2015)

Why do I have to not be a bear eventually? (Published December 21, 2015)

I do not know what I cannot do. (Published December 14, 2015) bird hat (2)

I think there might be too many leaves. (Published December 7, 2015)

Hiding day. (Published November 30, 2015)

My smells: are they for everyone or just me? (Published November 23, 2015)

I wish bad things did not happen. (Published November 16, 2015)

The potentially wonderful but possibly nonexistent river bear. (Published November 9, 2015)

Accepting snakes: why I want to but I cannot. (Published November 2, 2015)

Branches and roots and bark and being a home for others: I want to be a tree sometimes. (Published October 26, 2015)

I do not know what a DJ is, and a squirrel pretending to be a bear attacked me. (Published October 19, 2015)

Perhaps there are infinity bears? (Published October 12, 2015)

Why there are definitely ghosts in the forest and why you should be afraid of them and why I do not like them. (Published October 5, 2015) humans yell (2)

I worry about what I look like when I run. (Published September 28, 2015)

Please do not scream at me. (Published September 21, 2015)

Am I too much bear? (Published September 14, 2015)

I wanted something yet I was not sure exactly what. (Published September 7, 2015)

Imagine the thrashing. (Published August 31, 2015)

I am going to pretend to be a bee. (Published August 24, 2015)

Here is a list of things to figure out at night. (Published August 17, 2015)

Eat everything you find. (Published August 10, 2015)

Sometimes I wonder what is inside of me. (Published August 3, 2015)

A cricket slept in my mouth. (Published July 27, 2015)

Here are 100 tips on how to stay safe in the forest. (Published July 20, 2015)

bear mom

I found a chair. (Published July 13, 2015)

The sky is so violent but colorful. (Published July 6, 2015)

I stepped on something crunchy. (Published June 29, 2015)

Fuzziness matters. (Published June 22, 2015)

Do squirrels ever regret things? Probably not. (Published June 15, 2015)

night thinking (2)

What was before bears? (Published June 8, 2015)

I probably had a mom. (Published June 1, 2015)

Sometimes raccoons pressure me Into eating things. (Published May 25, 2015)

I took a nap on some ants. (Published May 18, 2015)

I saw two mice fighting today. (Published May 4, 2015)

moss man (3)

I might be the only one who knows you can eat anything. (Published April 27, 2015)

I think it is okay to not be good at some things. (Published April 20, 2015)

Do not yell at trees. (Published April 13, 2015)

sun heart

It is nice to have things to remember. (Published April 6, 2015)

There are foxes. (Published March 30, 2015)

tree bearness

There probably is not a lot of everything. (Published March 23, 2015)

I would like some more friends. (Published March 16, 2015)

I am a bee (2)


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