I am going to pretend to be a bee.

I am a bee (2)

Hello, I am a bee.

Living in the wherever bees live (maybe some kind of flower?) is great, and I have many observations of that environment, including other inhabitants of the same environment and neighboring environments. For example, I, probably, know many other flying insects. Those insects sure are fascinating to me, a bee, and I can relate to them because I, a bee, can also fly and am an insect.

I suppose I do not like dumpsters like most other creatures that exist, presumably. That is probably because I am a bee and bees are small.

Wait, I am a bee, so I am unaware that I am small because something being small is really relative to my size so I guess I am regular sized and maybe something like blades of grass are small?

I am am not small.

I am regular sized.

I have a stinger that I, for reasons that are unknown to me or anyone else for that matter, use to violently humiliate creatures that are much larger than I and were clearly just trying to enjoy a nap in a bushel and I did not mean to get so close to your hive, I am sorry and your stings are not necessary. Please do not sting me, bees. I mean, I should not sting things, me.

I live for a long time because there has been the same looking me going around for a long time so either every other bee looks exactly like I do or bees live for a very long time. I am an immortal bee?

I am a bee.

I like pollen?

Or make it maybe?

I am a bee, and I know all kinds of other bee things.

Like things about flying.

Flying is fun.

I think.

This is not working.

I am not a bee. I am a bear. I really thought that my limited experiences and encounters with bees (all mostly negative, but in my interpretation of their lives I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt) would be enough for me to understand what it might actually be like to a bee. Upon trying to pretend I am a bee, I am discovering that my knowledge of the creatures is too limited for my portrayal to be at all authentic.

I am not a bee.

I really only understand bees as they are seen by me, a bear. Not even by all bears. Just me. And my experiences with bees have been limited to stings, buzzing sounds that scare me, and layers of pollen that I, admittedly, like to lick the skimming layer of as it gently rests on a still body of water like a puddle. These are mostly negative things with exception to the lovely pollen that also makes me sneeze so it can also be lumped into the bad category, I guess.

I do not want to write off bees, however. Maybe I should accept that, because of the way the forest is setup, bees and I can only, at best, coexist as we retain such a limited scope of understanding of one another.

I will simply have to accept the occasional sting and scary buzzing sounds.

Just as bees will simply have to accept me sleeping in bushels and being curious about their hives.

I hope we can both eventually learn from each other. About each other. I hope we can both not accidentally hurt each other.

I am a bear.

If you would like to try being a bear, why not read some of the bear adventures available on this very site? 

For any questions or comments directed at Bear, feel free to write to him using this email: justasinglebear@gmail.com


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