Bear likes to provide an opportunity for you to experience being a bear through choose-your-own-adventure style stories. You can find these stories by clicking on their titles below:

You are a bear. Try to feel safe. (Published July 31, 2017)

You are a bear. Do not get ants in your nose. (Published August 7, 2016)

Boris the Bear’s Circus Adventure Extravaganza of Suffer for Lonely, No. (Published May 11, 2015)

You are a bear. Do not let the baby bird die. (Published December 21, 2014)

You are a bear. (Published July 7. 2014)


3 thoughts on “Adventures

  1. A Bird

    I saw something that made me super happy today. I saw a bear save a baby bird! I also got to see them ride a roller coaster and eat cotton candy! Last time I looked, I think they were headed for ice cream! (I love ice cream and cotton candy, but not together) It was so much fun and happiness. Thank you bear for this wonderful experience. You are sweet and a good friend. I love you. You are a Bear and I am a Bird.



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