The immortal space lizard I never knew but really missed when he was gone.

I had a dream about an immortal space lizard.

Bowie lizard (2)

The space lizard landed in the forest one day and explained that he was from Mars (I do not know where that is or what that is) and had decided to stop by the forest to show woodland creatures how to be free from the social, artistic, and culture expectations and realities set forth by the forest.

I was confused by his words, but I liked the way the space lizard talked. Also, he had a very neat orange bolt shape on his face. I liked that.

I also liked listening to him. He seemed to know about the forest and all the forest creatures. He was able to sing to them and about them so fluidly. In my dream, he put on a small show of music using his voice and a tiny stick that had stretched out hairs on it. It was nice.

Again, though, I was confused, but everything about the space lizard made me want to be like the space lizard even though I knew I could never be a space lizard because I am not immortal and I am not from Mars and I do not know how to sing and I am very large and furry and not skinny and pretty (yes, he was very pretty) like a space lizard at all. But the space lizard was so effortlessly a space lizard that I felt like even I, a bear, could be a space lizard,

In my dream, he was in the forest for a very long time. He was such a normal part of the forest that everyone, myself included, got used to him. He was our space lizard (even though we knew he really was not), so we all grew comfortable with him, thinking he would never leave us.

But he did. Eventually, the space lizard told us he had to go. He had done so much in the forest and had to go to another forest somewhere else. He flew off quite quickly and without warning, and I think he even had fire coming out of his legs when he flew away. It was intense. Nobody in the forest knew how to take his leaving. He had been with us for so long that the forest seemed empty without him.

Then I woke up.

I never actually knew an immortal space lizard, but it was nice to have a dream about him. It was nice to think about someone like him existing and making the whole forest a nicer and happier (and stranger) place. I did not know him, but I still feel like I miss him.

I am a bear.

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