It would be nice to be recognized for my bearness.

bear award (2)

I do not know who would want to recognize me for my bearness, bear like things that I do, and/or the degree to which I am a bear, but it would be nice to be recognized for being a bear by someone at sometime.

I feel like I have accomplished several bear related things that deserve recognition from my peers and community. For example, I found a very interesting looking hat that I was almost able to balance on my head for an extended period of time. I do not remember when, exactly, I found that hat, but I know it was fairly recently. Not a single creature or thing in the forest has congratulated me on such an accomplishment. I thought I heard a tree whisper “good job” to me, but it was just the wind blowing the hat off my ears.

Another accomplishment? I have been a bear the entire time that I have been. I also plan to continue being a bear, another very bear like accomplishment. I am not sure if I actually deserve recognition for simply being a thing that I am, but it would be nice to have someone tell me I was doing a good job at being the thing that I am.

It would be nice.

Maybe I could get the idea going in the forest by recognizing the accomplishments of other forest creatures. “Hello, noisy bird,” I could say. “You are particularly great at being noisy, and I want you to know how terrifically noisy you are.” The bird would feel better about her noisiness, and, who knows, maybe she would be more willing to verbally recognize my bearness or bear activities. “Good job on eating several clumps of moss,” she might say. “You are eating moss better than anyone else eating moss. Keep at it.” And then the cycle would continue as I would then feel better about myself and would be more likely to continue to recognize other creatures in the forest.

Sometimes I have a hard time talking to other creatures, though. Particularly the noisy bird outside my cave. She looks ferocious. It would be hard to be so forward with her or any creature for that matter.

I suppose I should not do things just to be recognized for them, though. I should do things because I want to do them or they should be done. I should do things because they make me happy or make others happy.


It would be nice.

I am a bear.

If you would like to try being a bear, why not read some of the bear adventures available on this very site? 

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2 thoughts on “It would be nice to be recognized for my bearness.

  1. Jo

    Bear, you are the best bear at being a bear that there ever was or ever will be. As for the vicious looking bird outside of your cave, perhaps she has reason for looking so. Maybe she does it to scare other creatures away? Keep being as bear-ish as you can. You are a big-time bear.


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