An abbreviated list of things that frightened me today.

Here is a list of the things that frightened me today:

  • A snake I saw
  • A stick I saw that looked like the snake I saw
  • A different snake I saw
  • A stick I saw that looked like and actually was the second, different snake I saw
  • I might have just seen sticks instead of snakes today
  • Some very fast clouds (where are you going, clouds? Should I follow?)
  • An angry fish (it looked very angry at least)
  • Some sounds
  • My own shadow (twice, at least)
  • A feeling of helplessness as I watched an abandoned bird nest fall out of a tree and land onto a sharp rock, crashing outward into pieces of some creature’s forgotten memories of warmth and security
  • A new bug
  • Belly pains (until I ate the new bug (sorry, new bug))
  • A falsely perceived lack of fuzziness of my fur (do not worry, further investigation of my fuzziness led to the realization that I am still very, extremely even, fuzzy)
  • The possibility of trees having teeth (could you imagine?)
  • More sounds
  • The dumpster that almost trapped me (at first I was okay with the idea because it would not be so horrible to be trapped in a dumpster, forced to live out your days in its beautiful aroma, but then I realized there were three raccoons in the dumpster with me and there was just too much hissing for me to take a decent nap so I wanted to get out as soon as I could)
  • Some hissing raccoons
  • The idea that so many things frighten me (perhaps I should try to be less frightened of these things so I do not always feel so overwhelmed, but could it really be so simple?)
  • More snakes (just thinking about them)
  • The sun’s glare at one point (I was not able to see for a brief moment, which really upset and scared me)
  • So many sounds
  • A feeling that made me believe that I did not know where I was supposed to be at a given moment so I wandered around for awhile until the feeling was gone because it was very unpleasant
  • An acorn that got stuck in between my toes
  • The sky (again)

I am a bear.

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