Here are some things I collected today.

Here is a list of the things I have collected today:

  • New (to me) rabbit skeleton (gently used)
  • Fish scales (found under some wet dirt (strange))
  • A pile of acorns (attacked for taking these, but I am not sure if they belonged to anybody (if they are yours, angry raccoon, I am sorry))
  • A lizard’s tail (accident, I promise)
  • Four rocks
    • One small rock, brown
    • One small rock, grey
    • One medium rock, mossy
    • One medium rock, loose (it broke, so maybe five rocks total? (is a rock divided a single rock?))
  • Lovely stick
  • Strange plastic container thing that might have ghosts in it because I heard strange sounds coming from it
  • Maybe ghosts
  • Where did my lovely stick go?
  • A bird took the lovely stick
  • Is he bringing it back?
  • No, he is going very far away with my lovely stick
  • Please, do not do that, bird
  • Please, bring my stick back, it is my stick
  • This is how the angry raccoon must have felt
  • I am sorry, raccoon
  • I will leave the acorns where I found them
  • A squirrel took the acorns
  • And now my fish scales are gone?
  • Why did I line up everything I collected today so neatly and prominently in front of my cave? I should have known that this would happen and I do not know what to do now
  • I just want my stick back, please, bird, give me my stick back
  • Oh, the bird is back
  • Oh, bird, can I have my stick back?
  • No, he took the small rock, too
  • Please, stop, bird
  • I will bring everything I can into my cave where it might not be so stolen all the time, what have I done to deserve this, I am so scared and upset
  • I brought the rabbit skeleton into my cave
  • No, now all of the rocks are gone
  • Who took them?
  • Please, bird, stop taking my things
  • The lizard tail is still here and I am very lucky for that and I will bring it back to my cave and place it next to the rabbit skeleton and then I will stay inside my cave and guard those two items and feel grateful that I even have those items to keep and hold and feel good about
  • It is gone
  • The rabbit skeleton is gone
  • Why
  • Who would
  • do
  • this?
  • Please
  • Is it you, bird?
  • Did you take my rabbit skeleton?
  • Is it my rabbit skeleton?
  • Why do I think it is mine?
  • It belongs to a rabbit
  • And I just found it
  • Just like the bird found my stick and now some ants are carrying away the lizard tail
  • I own nothing and that might be for the best
  • What if someone assumed they could just take me because they found me?
  • I am sorry, bird, I hope you get what you need out of that rabbit skeleton and stick, and I am sure you needed it more than I did
  • I really hope there were not ghosts in that plastic thing
  • Some berries (ate before I got back to my cave to neatly organize all of my findings)

mine bird

I am a bear.

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1 thought on “Here are some things I collected today.

  1. The Forest

    I’m sorry you lost all of your lovely collections of sorts. Look on the bright side of things bear: You still have the forest, all the lovely trees, the clouds, the sky, the sunshine, moss covered rocks, your cave, and you still have your dumpsters! Best of all, you have your bearness (I suppose…though I’m not really certain). You are a bear.



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