You chose to stay with the baby bird

The baby bird needs as much of your attention as you can give. It is still meekly sliding the mashed worms down its throat. You watch over the baby bird, trying your best to keep one eye on the helpless chick and the other eye on all possible dangers. You hover over it a bit, shielding it from the rain. It is still wet and cold, though. It pushes toward your warm, though wet, fur and continues to nibble.

The shriek comes again.

A “Kaw” sound hits your ears and rings all the way into your gut. It hurts to hear it.

You hear thunder.

It gets darker.

You look up to see lightening.

It flashes.

You look back down to see the bird that was on your back awhile ago. It is perched on a broken branch. It is a few feet away from you. Its head is turned sideways. It looks curious though a little anxious. It is hard to tell with birds.

You choose to…


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