You choose stay on stool to avoid whip.

You stay on stool to not be in whip’s violence. It hurls at baby elephant. Vicious. Baby elephant not big enough to knowledge: can never know life without pain of whip or man in hat or all suffer. Will never let soul live fine.

Baby elephant take lashes.

You do not helping.

Watch as her skin bleed open with all energy of elephant flowing out into nothingness. Cold air swallow high into the suffer.

Baby elephant not understand.

Baby elephant looking at you.

Betraying glance.

You shake head.

She not understand. Soul has not been destroy like most animal of circus. She still want to having hope for life of not suffer.

Man in hat say, “Get to stool. Now. Stay there like bear or more whip.”

She gets to stool. Stands on back legs. Man in hat say, “Stay standing. If come back and not standing, both get the whipping.” He walk away. To torture soul of circus? Probably.

Baby elephant say to you, “Why watch as man in hat hit so many times? Not helping? We are not together in this journey, bear?”

You tell baby elephant…


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