Choosing apologies for apathy for elephant’s soul.

Baby elephant understanding your fear. Say, “Bear, I understanding, but must have compassion. Be strong, bear. Suffer not forever for all. Will end.”

You see way of baby elephant thinking. Maybe good in world beyond all suffer. Maybe suffer can end and lighting of the soul for not terrible is possible. Maybe… pain not all of everything?

Man in hat come storm out.

“Good,” he saying. “You stay on stool, bear. Elephant, down to here now.” He whip at ground in front of him. Baby elephant step down.

“Stand on back legs, elephant,” he say.

Baby elephant do.

“I toss ring, you grab with trunk elephant,” he say. He toss ring.

Baby elephant do.

“Now tossing ring back to me, baby elephant,” he say.

Baby elephant do not.


Ring slide down trunk. Hit ground. Man in hat whip.

And whip.

Keep whipping.

He say, “Never good at these things. Nobody want to see clumsy, useless elephant!”

He whipping.

Baby elephant fall.


You jump off stool, regret of past doing nothing. Must help end pain for baby elephant. You jump to man in hat. He scream. You claw. Man in hat helpers run to this. See you. Get large gun.





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