You tell baby elephant all souls must take own journey for suffer. Too great to carry other suffer.

Baby elephant seem surprise by answer so callus. She not understand true struggle of soul. She say, “But must helping others when can, bear!”

You saying, “No. Helping self all the helping can be done when entire being drain to nothingness.”

Baby elephant, she cry.

You ignore sadness.

Baby elephant climb down from stool.

“What is point of this cruel suffer if is all there can ever be?” she say. “Why endure when this is all. Is not nothingness better than this happening?”

You ignore.

She kick stool over.

Man in hat hear.

He come in.

He say, “Baby elephant, be like bear. Stand on stool. Now.”

She lift mighty trunk and make loud sound at man in hat. Man in hat whip. He whip and whip. Baby elephant make loud sounds continuing. Man in hat whip more. Say, “Not making loud sound. Never sound at me, elephant.”

Baby elephant stare at you as she fall on ground from pain. She say, “Bear, this is world because of your soul greed. Why cannot you see?”

Man in hat land whip into her eye. It bleed. Man in hat order other men to dragging her back to cage. Cannot tell if suffer is end or if going. Man in hat looking at you and say, “Staying put there, bear. Do not move.” He turn to follow men.

You chose to…


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