You chose stay on wonderful stool to impress all.

Many time go by as you wait for man in hat to come back.

Night come.

He not back.

You stay on stool like foolish statue. Not able to moving upon will because man make you as are: still and uselessness. Muscle tense as time go, making night air feel like sharpen knives on skin, which also bare in some places of no fur to have. Everything cold. Soul too.

Man in hat come back. His men dragging large cage. Sick lion inside. He growl. Meek. Weak like you. It roll pasting you and go to tent of circus. You hearing crowd cheer.

Another cage roll. Empty.

“Get to cage, bear,” man in hat say.

You get in cage.

Now you in circus tent. People laughing and cheer as they seeing two sick animals. Throwing popcorn and pebble at you.

Lion cage let open by men and he slowly walking out. He stare into you with blank eyes not knowing of any but fear and angry and pain.

Same men open your cage. Motion to you for moving out. You walk out. Next to lion now.

“Now to entertaining,” man in hat say as he rally crowd to cheer, “lion and bear will fight for living! King of jungle versus king of forest. Who will win?”

Man snap whip in air. He point to men. They putting chain around lion neck and your neck. Cannot escaping.

Crowd cheer and hiss and throw more. Pebble hitting your eye. Lion get hit with shoe.

You chose to…


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