You chose to ignore the sounds and tend to the baby bird

You pick up some of the worms with your mouth and gnaw on them a bit. It is not too terrible tasting. You spit out mashed worm for the baby bird. It looks more inclined to eat the worms now. It slowly, and with great effort considering its current disposition, nudges toward the worms and slides a small portion into its mouth.

As you listen to the baby bird eat, you hear the “Kaw” sound again. It pierces through the rain. It seems to be coming from another direction. You notice it gets slightly darker. It is more difficult to see. The rain and the darkness make a sense of direction difficult to establish.

The baby bird keeps chewing.

The “Kaw” sound shrieks through the sky again. From another direction? It is hard for you to tell. It sounds closer, however.

You choose to…

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