You chose to go after the sound, leaving the baby bird alone

You run toward the sound. It is hard to follow because of the dark sky and the rain, but you are able to hear it repeat over and over. It seems to be coming from another direction every time it bursts through the air. You stumble around, trying your best to keep up with it. You nearly trip on a log.

You stop and realize that you do not know where you left the baby bird.

It could not have been far from where you are now, but you have not been still enough to let your eyes adjust to the darkness.

The lightening strikes again. It illuminates the area around you for a brief moment.

That brief moment is long enough for you to see the large bird. Everything seems to slow down as you see the large bird hovering over the baby bird. It makes the horrendous “Kaw” sound at you right before the illumination fades.

You run toward where the large bird is, ready to swipe at it.

Right as you get to that puddle with the worms and the tiny baby bird tracks, the lightening illuminates once more.

The large bird is gone.

So is the baby bird.

You choose to…


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