You chose to continue your search for food

You keep trudging through the forest. Your mouth gets a bit dry once in awhile. When it does, you have to close your jaws a bit to get the moisture back on your tongue. It crushes the baby bird but not fatally so.

The rain continues to pour down. You see a good pile of mud with worms wiggling out of it. The rain has forced them above the earth. You set the baby bird down. You stir your nose around the puddle. You can feel the tiny worms tap your nose. You pick a few worms up into your mouth and place them next to the baby bird. It does not seem to be able to eat.

You suddenly hear a vicious “Kaw” sound followed by the snap of a branch. Both are loud. Whatever is making the “Kaw” sound it is shrieking. You cannot tell if that shrieking is at you, however.

You choose to…


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