You chose to investigate the strange sounds

You pick up the baby bird with your mouth and gently carry it with you as you approach the strange noise. It is difficult to make sure the baby bird is secure in your mouth while you engage in a thorough investigation. The sky continues to get darker as the rain gets heavier.

You hear the sound of thunder from the distance.

It gets darker.

Then the area is suddenly illuminated by the following lightening.

You see the large bird for a split second as it makes another horrendous “Kaw” sound. You run toward it, viciously and angrily.

As you lunge toward the large bird into the darkness, you clinch your jaws and squint your eyes. You hit the large bird with your massive head.

It hurts.

The large bird drops to the ground with you. It makes another “Kaw” sound. It seems more desperate this time, however, as though it is less angry, more anxious. It flaps its injured body quickly and makes its escape.

You feel victorious.

For moment.

Before you open your mouth again, your jaws no longer clenched.

You choose to…

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