You choosing to obey man and sit on stool

Man point at stool. You walking as he say. He hit you with whip to hurry your stepping. You not hurry because too many pain in joints. All hurts. You climb to stool. Sit on back legs. Your back straight as you try to holding composure and not to fall. Hurt in all places. Want end.



of whip

peel fur off right after sound hit your head ears

fur fall into ground to become with dirt.

You try stand back up. All pain as you do. Man in tall hat he say, “No leave here. Get elephant baby. You wait.”

You watch as man in tall hat he go and retrieve baby elephant. Baby elephant pain as it talk. Knees have cuts. Long trunk drags through your fur. Is pain like you.

Bigger stool next to yours. Man in hat point it and say, “Baby elephant, go! Get to stool and stand on legs like bear.” He whip you again to make sure you stay.

Baby elephant listen and climb stool. She stand. She get whip. Still stand.

“Stay and practice,” man in hate shout at you and baby elephant. “Practice. Become good for audience.”

He whip you again.

Baby elephant fall off stool. Cannot be helped. Stool is big but still so little for elephant. She tumble to ground and roll. Try to get up. Man in hat run to her with whip high in air, raised and pain.

You chose to…


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