You chose to leave the rock on the bird and leave your cave to find food for it

The bird looks warm and comfortable enough, but surely it must be hungry. You do not know how long it has been since this baby bird has consumed any kind of nutrition, but a tiny creature like that must need to eat frequently to keep from being dead. With that in mind, you dash out of your cave in search of something a baby bird would like to eat.

You are outside of your cave when the sheer density of the forest hits you. Sure, looking for food for yourself is quite easy. You just sniff around until something hits your stomach and nose just right. But for another creature? There are so many things that a baby bird might eat. Leaves, sticks, dirt, rocks, worms, other birds.

The list goes on and on.

And so does the forest.

Your search might take a few seconds.

It might take a few hours.

It might even take a few days!

You have to get in the mindset of a baby bird. What does a baby bird want to eat? Think about it…

You choose to…


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