You chose to go into the forest and search until something seems right

You begin trekking through the forest, looking for some kind of food that a baby bird might like to eat. To you, most of it looks quite good.

Tree leaves: yummy
Bugs under log: delicious
Fish bones from meal you had yesterday: tasty
Some ants: good eats

But would a baby bird like any of these things? It is difficult to tell. What do birds usually go after, food wise? You have seen many birds eating many things, but often in such small portions (because they are small beings) that it is difficult to tell what exactly the birds are eating.

You must try, however.

You keep walking through the woods until you find a moist patch of soil. In the soil you can see the wiggling masses of a few worms. Birds like worms, right? You have seen many birds eat worms.

The worms are curling their bodies around a few twigs as though they were clinging to life on them. The twig could easily carry the worms for you if you grabbed it.

You choose to…


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