You chose to give up on the turtle and figure this out on your own

Knowing that placing your trust into this particular turtle is futile, you walk away. You hope that not all turtles are this obtuse and useless. Sticking with this one would be a bad idea, though.

You and the baby bird begin to trek through the forest and back to your cave. It is starting to rain much more now. Thunder and lightening follows. It is dark and ominous and terrible outside. The baby bird is huddled in your mouth as you carry it about. It is trembling.

As you reach your cave, you stumble upon another baby bird. It is sitting outside of your cave. It does not look as helpless as your baby bird. It lets out a “kweh” sound as it sees you.

You approach it. It tilts its head and points its wing upward, trying its best to convince you to look.

You do.

Right above your cave is a mangled bird’s nest. The front of it has a hole in it as though it has been weathered down by the harsh elements. You hear more “kweh” sounds coming from there. You drop your baby bird next to the new baby bird and get onto your hind legs.

You stretch your neck and find that the nest has three more other baby birds. They are all chirping at you.

You get back down to the ground.

The baby birds by your cave entrance look at you.

You choose to…


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