You chose to put the baby birds back into their nest and arrange some twigs to secure it

You safely place each baby bird back into its nest. You push each one with your snout as it struggles to climb into the damaged habitat. You then quickly run outside of your cave and gather some loose twigs. You lack the fine/nose motor skills needed to make the nest as proper as it surely once was, but you manage to nudge the twigs into decently secure places. It should hold well until some parental bird shows back up.

The birds all chirp excitedly. Your baby bird is the last one you see as you go back to your all-fours. It is still wet and tired looking, but it looks happy. It makes a “kweh” sound that you are certain is just for you.

You go into your cave and go back to those berries you had stored. You eat them. Then you sleep. It is a good sleep. You dream of a baby bird eating all of your berries, but in the dream, you really do not mind. The baby bird likes the berries.

You are a bear.

You choose to…


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