You chose to keep looking for something better for the baby bird to eat

Worms are good and all, but you know there is something out there in the forest that a baby bird would enjoy much more than those slimy, wiggly creatures. You keep looking. The rain picks up a bit. Your fur is getting drenched. You will have to consider your own health soon enough.

You stumble upon a bush that you remember eating a few berries from not too long ago. It probably still has some left. Do birds like berries? Probably. You have seen birds eat pretty much everything there is to eat in the forest. One time you saw a bird picking at the dead body of another bird. Birds have no shame when it comes to full bellies.

You go through the bush and pluck some of the berries with your teeth.

You start to head back to your cave.

You come back to a cave with no baby bird in it. Instead, there is a snake. It looks oddly disproportional in its middle.

You choose to…


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