You choice biting ball and pop for defy.

You bite ball as it land near face. It make loud pop sound. The crowd boo at you. Throw snacks and pebbles at you. Shout thing like, “Stupid bear, why not do talent of dance or ball bounce, stupid?”

You see man in hat. He face is red. Sweat pour on face. He run to you.

He get whip ready.

He hurl it at your head.


it hit.


he do again

again again again

the stinging stop eventually. You hear the pops and cracks, but slowly to hear the crowd cheer. They clapping as your bleeding profuse.

soul slips through cracks of skin as you knowing a whole crowd see your demise and not admire your defy.

You remember monkeys. Staring at you.

You break ball for them.

The man in hat cracks whip at your ear.

No longer can hear crowd clap and cheer, but can feel vibration of them do so.

All black.



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