More bearku.

Forest can be dark,
an angry and scary place.
Being a bear helps.


New dumpster findings:
baby raccoon with sharp teeth.
Please stop biting me.


Sometimes I worry:
Will the sun choose to eat me?
How can I stop it?


There are many trees.
Do they know one another
or like each other?


If I fall over
and no one sees me do it
I still fell over.


I cannot nap here
There are ants building their homes
I am not monster


The deer is quite rude
He lives across the river
He should never leave


I ate many sticks
My belly is not happy
I still ate some more


The way my paws smell
Makes me quite happy indeed
I will not wash them


Oops, I fell over
At least I did not get hurt
This bench is sad, though


How does the moon feel
about its name, the moon?
Does it even know?


I can hear the wind
and I like the way it sounds.
I hope it hears me.


What is it like, bee,
to be so small and to fly?
I hope it is nice.


I rolled down a hill
spinning and spinning until
I just stopped spinning.


A leaf hit my face.
It was wet and very cold,
waking me from sleep.

I am a bear.

If you would like to try being a bear, why not read some of the bear adventures available on this very site? The newest adventure is all about safety!

For any questions or comments directed at Bear, feel free to write to him using this email:

You can also now use Tumblr to address questions to Bear. Also, you can find bear photos and such on Bear’s Instagram, and don’t forget to “like” Bear on Facebook.


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