You chose to keep going!

You keep climbing.

They keep stinging.

It hurts, but you know it will be worth it. You get to the hive and swing your paw with a mighty thrust. It knocks the hive onto the ground. You let go of the tree and follow your reward. You land on it. Honey gets all over your back and sides. You turn over in it. It covers you. It actually feels good compared to the numerous stings on your body. You dip your paw into the mess. You lick your paw. It is sweet. It is the sweetest thing you have ever had. It seems worth it. You take another dip. Another lick. You repeat until you get woozy and lose consciousness. Your last thought is about how you defeated the bees. They are, however, still stinging you as you drift into nothingness.

Worth it.

You choose to…


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