You chose listen man in hat.

You walk out of cage, sad and hurt and bleed. Man in hat point to stool. You go sit. He say, “Now stand on tip-toes. You need impress crowd for favor of being impress! Be impress!”

He whip you.

He yell at other man. This man not in hat. He have mustache and fat teeth. Man in hat say to fat teeth man, “Go get monkey for practice.” He listen and go. Man in hat whip you again. You stand on tip toes.

Man with fat teeth bring cage of three sad monkey. Monkeys try to bite man with fat teeth but they many tired. Cannot have energy to bite.

Man with fat teeth put monkey by your feet at bottom stool.

Man in hat whip at monkey, say, “Now biting bear to keep on toes! Bear need focus. Monkeys, bite bear feet or whip for you!” He whip them anyway. They screaming.

They looking at you. Want approval. They liking you. Not want bite. But not want whip. Monkeys lost to thinking choice.

You do this…


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