You chose to fight off the coyote

Sensing the coyote as a threat, you lunge yourself at it, viciously so. All teeth and claws at this point, you do your best to overcome the beast. You pin it with a paw as its jaws clench to your leg. You press on it, hoping to subdue it, but it does not give up so easily. It chomps down harder and harder until you cannot bear the pain. You shake your leg intensely and growl at the coyote as it wriggles away from you.

The baby bird backs away, scared and wet. It slowly pulls itself near a fallen branch much larger than it. It uses the the branch as a shelter as you continue your fight with the coyote.

The coyote is staring at you. It looks wounded. It looks vulnerable. You could easily strike it now.

You then hear a loud, terrifying screech from the sky.

You choose to…


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