You chose to walk wherever you wish

You keep walking, ignoring Rob (the squirrel)’s pleas to get you to listen to him. He gives up shortly thereafter as you keep on moving. Rob (the squirrel) seems impatient as he marches from one end of your backside to another. You are impressed by his balance. You continue to move aimlessly through the forest. It is nice outside, but the forest can also be quite dangerous, a fact of which you are reminded when you run into several angry looking hawks perched on a tree. They are all staring down at you. You try to count them, but you are afraid to move your body around to get an accurate number as they surround you. It is difficult to tell if they are eyeing you or Rob (the squirrel).

You choose to…


1 thought on “You chose to walk wherever you wish

  1. Dudley Hunt

    Just spent 2 hours being a bear and following through all of the endings.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be a bear. This has been one of the greatest parts of my day, truly. Thanks for making the time to do this! I really did think it was very entertaining.



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