You chose to sprint toward the river

You waste no time as you begin to gallop across the forest. You step on twigs and pinecones and a number of other obstacles that attack your paws as you make your way there. It is not an easy run, but you are persistent for the sake of the tiny bird in your mouth.

It begins to rain midway through your hike. That does not stop you from keeping your pace up, however. You continue to hurl your body through the forest. The water slows you down and makes it harder for you to see, but you will not give up.

You keep running.

Until you get to the river.

Where a wet turtle is peacefully sleeping next to a very interesting looking rock.

You wake it.

He looks a little annoyed by your forwardness, but he quickly understands the urgency once you show him what is inside your mouth.

You ask for his advice.

He tells you that rocks really do come from the sky. He claims that once he even saw the phenomenon happen before his very eyes. It was magnificent, he says. He remembers it like it was yesterday, though, he adds, it was actually many many years ago.

You choose to…

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