You chose to take your share of the rabbit carcasses

You grab what rabbit carcasses are left. You and the fox let out a small cheer. You begin to nibble on your treasures. They taste great. You get up and begin to go your own way.

Until you hear a snap.

Then you feel a snap.

You look down.

A trap.

Its menacing teeth have mangled your foot. You lick your wound, but it does no good. You cry out to the fox, but it has left with its treasure. You cry again. Nothing.

You wait.

It bleeds.

It gets worse.

Hurts more.

You hear footsteps. You do not know how long it has been, but you are hungry and thirsty and immobile still. You panic as the footsteps get closer.

A human.

You make a crying sound at the human.

It aims a long, brown rock looking object at you.

You hear a bang.

Everything gets a bit fuzzy.

You feel some warm liquid drip down your ears.

You cannot taste.







You choose to…



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