You chose to split the berries with the baby bird

You have six berries. Three should be plenty for a baby bird. You slide the three berries over to the baby bird, and it meekly pecks at them. You assist the baby bird by lifting the berries to it. It slowly pecks away at the fruit, consuming bits of fruit skin and juice as it goes. You can see the baby bird begin to revitalize as it receives its much needed nutrients.

The little creature begins to chirp excitedly. It runs outside of your cave and begins to flap its wings quickly and with great panic.

You follow the baby bird outside. It is looking up, trying to get your attention to whatever is above.

You look.

You see the base of a tiny bird’s nest. It looks as though a chunk of it has been affected by the elements. Bits of torn branches and dirt are right below the affected area, scattered on the ground. You hear muffled chirping sounds from the nest.

You choose to…


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