You chose to remind the turtle that he was talking about the day a rock fell from the sky

You remind the turtle that the day he saw a rock fall from the sky was a particularly trying day for him.

The turtle thanks you for the reminder and goes on. He tells you that he spent most of that day just trying to find a very nice patch of dirt in which to sleep. Dirt was usually very cool, he said, but most of the dirt that day was very hot. It was a very hot day.

Suddenly, the turtle tells you, there was a very bright light in the sky. The already very bright day was made even brighter by this light, the turtle claimed. And then came a loud sound, like a million lightening bolts all hitting the same place at the same time. It was scary, the turtle said. Out of curiosity, he claimed he followed the sound to find its source. Much to his surprise, he found the very interesting looking rock next to which he was currently sitting.

This is a sky rock, the turtle tells you. He had never seen this particular rock before, and there it was, he said, out of the sky.

Rocks come from the sky, he said.

You choose to…


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