You chose to sigh at the turtle and seek wisdom from elsewhere

You shake your large, furry head at the turtle.

He is not going to help you.

At best, he will bore you. At worst, he will convince you to murder a baby bird.

As you turn around from the baby bird, you can hear the turtle snoring.

You continue your trek through the stormy, miserable forest. You do not know how much longer the baby bird will last in these conditions. You are not even sure how long you will last. The walk gets more and more severe as you shuffle your paws, one in front of the other, in an intensely laborious fashion. The mud does not feel good as it slips into the cuts and scrapes your feet have endured during this walk. Everything feels more difficult now, even simply keeping your eyes open. The rain stings them as you try to navigate.

You are aimless at this point.

You travel for what feels like eternities, yet the harsh night never lets up.

You have no indicator as to where you are.

You come across a tree.

It is like every other tree in most respects.

There does appear to be something special about this tree, however. Mainly, it is the closest tree to you, which makes it the best tree to you.

You have no energy left.

You choose to…



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