You chose to figure out how to help the fox

You rush to the fox. The bleeding is quite bad. It is covering the fox’s entire leg. You try to open the trap with your paws.

No good. It is too strong.

You try with your teeth.

No good. The teeth of the trap are too sharp and hard.

You panic. You ask the fox what you should do.

It looks at its foot.

It looks at you.

It bites down and closes its eyes tight.

You ask the fox if it is sure.

It nods.

You bite.

In one swift chomp, you take off the fox’s tiny leg. It is bleeding profusely. The fox passes out. Its tongue hangs out of its mouth. You grab the creature by the scruff with your mouth. You carry it back to your cave.

It is a long trek back. Harsh and bloody. You lay the fox down. You cover it with your body to keep it warm. You sleep.

You choose to…


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