You chose to look more closely at the bird

An owl faces you. It gets very close to you. It gently pecks at your wet nose. It glares into your eyes. It whispers, you do not belong here.

Why are you here?

You tell the owl why you are there. You tell it about the trickster rodent. You tell it that a life as a tree-bear seemed better than to let a squirrel win. You tell it you have principles. You tell it you are very hungry.

It laughs, shakes its head, and jumps onto your back. It makes a whistling sound with its beak. Several more owls come and jump onto your back.

More come.



You lose count of how many owls are resting their talons on your fur. You feel like this could be the end. You close your eyes. You feel a sharp pain in your skin. All the talons are grasping you. Tightly. Some are breaking through your skin. Some blood spills runs down your sides. Not much, but it is unpleasant. You keep your eyes closed. You suddenly feel weightless. You are moving. You hear loud, drastic flapping.

You choose to…


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