You chose to continue following Rob (the squirrel) by ground

You persist with your running. No squirrel is going to beat you when it comes to navigating the forest. You keep sprinting from tree to tree, trying to keep up with Rob (the squirrel). All the while, he laughs at you and occasionally knocks a branch down toward you or chucks an acorn at you. You begin to realize that maybe trusting this squirrel at all was a very poor decision, but you keep trying to follow him. You start to gain speed. You are hardly looking at your surroundings as your nose points toward the sky and you keep running.





And you fall.

You tumble down a hill. While your body spins out of control, you catch glimpses of Rob (the squirrel) perched on a tree, laughing and pointing. You keep spinning. It is out of your control. You suddenly feel no ground, You are no longer spinning. The sky grows smaller and wider and farther away and then you


You choose to…


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