You jump into the river

You fling your body into the peaceful water and let it take you wherever it wishes. You float on your belly as you try your best to keep your snout in the air. You have to gasp for air once in awhile. You can swim, but the water starts to pick up speed.

You feel helpless as it gets stronger and stronger. It takes you away from the deer, your problem, but it drags you further into the unknown. It drags you further into what could be nothingness. It is relentless with its mystery. But the water still flows and the sounds are pleasant and soothing, even when the sounds are the source of your possible end.

You stop struggling.

You let go.

You sleep.

You wake up. You are outside of your cave. The sun is still out but barely so. You walk into your cave. You rest.

You choose to…


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