You chose to ignore this strange figment of your imagination

You ignore the lizard. You convince yourself it is not real. You walk through the forest. The cold does not stray far from you, but it does feel oddly distant. It looms before you as though it were predicting your path. You start to go back to your cave.

You think about the lizard.

Breathing heavily.

Gasping for air.

Grasping for life.

Its tiny mouth blood-soaked.

You keep walking. You try to forget about the tiny lizard you killed.

You killed the tiny lizard.

You killed it.

It is now with you. Its being. Its memory. You ended the lizard. For no reason.

You are a bear.

It was a lizard.


Dead lizards.

You are lost.

You are gone. You wander and wander forever and ever.

You cannot go home.

You pass out.




You choose to…


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