You chose to keep walking, hoping for something good to happen

You keep walking through the harsh sky-water. It becomes fierce as it flies through the sky and pelts your skin. It hurts. You are shielding the baby bird, however. It is safe.

You walk some more.

You have no idea where you are.

You walk some more.

The rain starts to clear up.

You walk some more.

The ground starts to feel soft.

You walk some more.

The trees disappear.

You walk some more.

The darkness leaves.

You walk some more.

The light comes out.

You walk some more.

And suddenly it is nice outside. And you are no longer outside. At least, not in the forest. Everything is bright.

The ground is marshmallows?

You do not know what marshmallows are, but you know these are marshmallows. The baby bird hops out of your mouth and begins to joyously peck at the sweet marshmallows. You keep walking. The baby bird does not need you now. It is a large bird now. It is safe and sound and thanks you for the help as you keep walking away.

You walk some more.

You find a rock.

It is big.

And soft?

Marshmallow soft.

You rest on it.

It has been a long day.

You sleep.

That was nice.

That whole thing.

Wanna try again?

No pressure.

I think you found the best ending.

It has marshmallows. Is that not just the best thing possible? Are you going to interpret it or something? You don’t have to. This isn’t Lost. You can just accept that forests turn into marshmallow heavens eventually. I guess by calling it a heaven I’m kind of interpreting it, huh? Oh well. Look, you do what feels right. If you trying this again feels right, then do that. If not, go eat some bread or something. I love bread. Bears love bread, but they can’t make bread. That is the biggest problem in the bear world.

The end.

Yeah, that seems like a good place to write that.

The end.



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