You chose to help out the fox

You follow the fox deeper into the forest. You cross through old, broken trees and mossy tree trunks. The fox is quick, but you are able to keep up as it stops once in awhile to ensure you are still near. It takes awhile, but the fox seems to make good on its promise as it eventually points to a large rock. Massive by fox standards. It is covered in mold and moss. Tiny ecosystems have started to grow on this rock. You could easily move it with one heave.

And you do.

Under it is a tiny hole. In the hole: rabbit carcasses. Several of them. You do not know who would hide a bunch of rabbit carcasses under a rock like this (maybe another bear?), but you are glad you have found it.

The fox grabs a carcass. It tells you you can have the rest.

You choose to…


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