You chose to headbutt the large bird

You violently slam your face into the large bird’s face. Its beak looks cracked as it tries to recover from the hit. Before you are able to strike again, you feel your teeth with your tongue. You notice that the baby bird that was in your mouth did not take the impact of the headbutt very well. Your jaws clenched as your violent actions proceeded, crushing the baby bird.

You can taste the warmth of something in your mouth. You tremble at the thought of it. The large bird makes loud, desperate “Kaw” sounds at you some more. It flies up to a high branch, away from your violence, and continues to “Kaw” at you.

You walk back to your cave. The whole time, the large bird is flying from treetop to treetop, shrieking at your every move.

You settle in your cave and rest your tired bear body for the night. All the while, you can hear the shrill, horrible sounds from the large bird. It continues through the night and into the morning. You are unable to get the “Kaw” sound nor the thought of the baby bird out of your head.

You choose to…

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