You chose to pass out on the ground

Your face slams onto the ground.

Everything turns black.

Then everything turns back to the way it was. Except it is not raining now. Instead, it is very clear. Night time. You hear crickets chirping.

They seem to be chirping for you.

The baby bird is in your mouth still.

The chirping gets louder yet more pleasant. You welcome the sound of the tiny creatures singing for you. It is comforting. You are able to stand up with little effort now. You are fully energized once more. You feel ready.

The baby bird hops out of your mouth.

It flies! it soars in front of you, bouncing to the rhythm of the crickets’ chirping. It does a lovely sky dance before landing on a branch high above you. The baby bird whistles at you. You try to whistle back but only spit flies out of your mouth. You and the baby bird share a chuckle.

Everything is so nice.

Until you choose to…


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