You chose to grab some dirt on the ground outside of your cave and go back to the baby bird

Using the extent of your knowledge and experience with baby birds (none), you grab some dirt (using your mouth) outside of your cave to provide the tiny creature with sustenance. Birds must love dirt, you figure, why else would they always be shoving their pointy faces into it every morning? You have seen them. Birds poking their tiny, pointy, fast faces into the ground over and over for long periods of time. They must love dirt.

This baby bird must love dirt.

You gallop into your cave, excited to see how excited the baby bird will be when it sees how excited you are about bringing it food.

It is not excited.

You are no longer excited.

Not after you realize that, since you thought it was a good idea to leave a rock on a baby bird, the tiny animal is not breathing. Baby bird is not moving.

You feel it with your paw. It feels as cold as the stone sitting on top of it.

You sniff it.

It is not pleasant.

You choose to…



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