You chose to pretend to be a frog, for sure

You choose to pretend you are a frog, an animal so low on the food chain that it does not have teeth for chewing its prey. It just gnaws on an unsuspecting insect until the poor thing is mutilated and wants to die. Frogs feed themselves by torturing other animals. That is how frogs work, and you chose to pretend you are one instead of donning the majesty of an ursine creature. Good job! You like the worst parts of nature. Oh yeah, also, a particularly large pebble falls on you and you suffocate.

You choose to…


1 thought on “You chose to pretend to be a frog, for sure

  1. emmanuellelynn

    Wow so vicious. 😦 But I would like to point out that frogs do have teeth, though they are not bone like bear teeth, they are teeth, and frogs use them to hold the prey and keep it in place till they can swallow it. Yes, swallow it, not gnaw on it.
    And in doing so they are decreasing the insect population, which bears should like, seeing as they can apparently die by being stung by bees.
    Anyways I get your point, you’re not trying to insult frogs you just want us to be bears. 😀

    P.S. toads are different; they do not have teeth so you can dis them as much as you want. 😉



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