Your eyes are still closed… and you do not feel quite as safe for some reason… You are now at 20% safety…

You begin to realize that standing around with your eyes closed it actually very silly and strange. How could you possibly feel safe when you are drowned by the darkness of your own eyes? Are the back of your eyelids that black and empty looking or do you shut your eyes off when your eyelids close? How does closing your eyes work? Why is it so upsetting to have them closed suddenly? Why are you a bear? Why does any of this matter? How can you escape all of this darkness and maintain your bearness at the same time, is it even possible?

You pay attention to your other senses for a moment, the ones that have not failed you.

Is that a snake in the grass you hear? Are those ants crawling up your legs you feel? Did a lizard climb into your mouth? Is that the foul taste? Is every method of communicated with anything outside of yourself sabotaging your safety?

Nothing makes sense.

You DO NOT feel very safe.

How can you fix that?