You chose to continue to talk up life

It is great, you tell the deer. Just today, you got to wake up in a cave and see the sun. You tell the deer how lovely the sun is.

The deer tells you that the sun will burn you. And it will explode one day.

You tell the deer it should not matter. Enjoy the sun as it is. It is warm and nice.

The deer tells you that nothing should matter. This is all pointless. All of it. You are pointless, the deer tells you. Everything.

You tell the deer that it should just take one second to enjoy the sun. Look up, take it in, and enjoy it for what it is.

The deer is silent.

It takes your advice.

It looks up.

It looks back down.

It looks at you.

It hurls its face into the river.

It drowns.

You think maybe it was trying to prove a point.

You go home to your cave, restless and depressed.

You choose to…


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