You chose to drop the baby bird on the ground

You see what the large bird is saying, and you understand what needs to happen. You drop the baby bird onto the cold forest floor. It looks sickly. Cold. Tired. Hurt. You lick the top of its head in an attempt to make it somewhat more appealing in appearance.

You back away.

The large bird hops to the baby bird. It pecks at the tiny creature’s head softly. Then it hacks up a mush of worms and other unidentifiable parts. The baby bird happily gobbles it up. The large bird drags the baby bird under its wing. The two start to walk away.

It is not long before you are unable to see either of them.

You walk back to your cave.

It is cold and dark and wet.

And empty.

You curl up into a ball to keep warm. Tomorrow might not be so gloomy.

You choose to…


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