You choosing of keep suffering in cage to defy

You to defy the man in hat to show you not tolerate his terrible.

You sit still as he get angrier and whip more.

Other circus animal look at you, inspire to be like you and revolt man in hat.

Baby elephant in cage next, she say to herself, “Bear is strong, resist man in hat despite suffer.”

Tired monkeys in cages all say, “Bear, you make proud for us to have not suffer one day for hope.”

Sad peacock that not have feather of beauty ever, he say, “Feather gone. Bear spirit here. Never to leaving this place.”

You do not hear any this because whip is loud and pain. It keep going. Man in hat keep whipping. It never end. All you hear is crack crack crack of whip over and over and over again until you no hear anything because…

you choose:


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