You chose to curl up with the baby bird and sleep

The baby bird has drifted to sleep, and you have joined it. Avoiding sitting on the baby bird this time, you carefully place your warm fur over the tiny creature and fall asleep with it. Throughout the night, you are basically awake and aware as you try not to crush the baby bird while also trying not to get too far away.

The baby bird needs your fur.

It is a long and cold night. The rain does not stop. It keeps everything colder than it needs to be throughout the night.

You wake up to find the sun shining at the entrance of your cave. It just barely reaches your belly and paws, the rest of you still in the dark shadows of your cave.

And there is the baby bird.

Up and ready.

Making tiny “kweh” sounds. It is nestled in between your paws, eagerly waiting for you to let go. It occasionally pecks at your fur as though it has some hidden breakfast on your skin.

You loosen your paws. The baby bird slides out and hops out of your cave. It makes cheerful “kweh” sounds the entire time.

The baby bird quickly leaves your sight.

It just needed a good nap.

You choose to…

save the baby bird.


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