You chose to bring the baby bird with you

Leaving nothing to chance, you decide that bringing the baby bird with you is your best option when it comes to safety. You pick the helpless creature up with your mouth. Your teeth gently hold it in place as your warm saliva keeps it from the cold of the outside.

You can tell it will rain soon.

You have to find food for the baby bird, so you begin wandering the forest in search of something that could easily nourish the tiny creature. You have an idea of what a baby bird might like to eat. Worms. Maybe soft sticks. Anything mushy enough to get down its tiny beak. Minimal chewing.

You are not too far out of your cave before a bird, a non-baby-bird, lands it sharp talons onto your back. It perches on your fur, grasping your skin. You can feel a tiny bit of blood drip down your sides, but it does not hurt too much.

You turn your head around and look at the bird. You still have a baby bird in your mouth.

The large bird looks at you.

You are both staring at one another.


You choose to…


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